• Image of Oxygen A.K.A Just Divine (1-4-9 b/w Droppin' Bombs) 7"

World Expo Records continues to highlight the talent of the individual members in Soundsci. This time it's Oxygen's turn, in the form of MC Just Divine.

The two tracks on this 45 feature rhymes formed in the late eighties to early nineties from Ox's earliest incarnation as 'MC Just Divine'. Bought into a modern context with uptempo production by Soundsci's own Jonny Cuba on '1-4-9' and precision cuts by the group's DJ, Ollie Teeba.
The super heavy flip side 'Droppin' Bombs', showcases Ox's effortless flows over a slinky Jazz Spastics/Slipmat Brothers beat.

The 45 has a fantastic illustration by Paul 'Sub2' Trewin that says all you need to know about MC Just Divine's intention.

Design & Layout by Mr Krum.
Mixed and Mastered by NoSleep Nigel.