• Image of Brilliance 4XRaw Soundsci Remixes.

Presenting the latest release from Worldexpo records, exclusive new versions of SPOX PhD's (DJ Spinna & Oxygen) Brilliance and Four Times Raw on 45 7' Limited to 350 black vinyl copies only, there will be no digital release of this record.

These re-versions come courtesy of the production duo behind Soundsci - Dj Ollie Teeba & Jonny Cuba aka The Process. Both tracks on the record capitalising on the mood & vibe of the original versions.

Brilliance with brand new vocals from Oxygen, has a catchy whistling groove that will rattle around your brain for days. The Flip, Four Times Raw featuring Hip Hop Legends Sadat X, Diamond D, and Kurious will smash your dome like a melon with it's psyche fuzz and neck snapping drums.